• The heart is essential to life, vital to our wellbeing and responsible for our survival. It’s for these reasons that we associate hearts with our deepest and sincerest emotions. Such significance has immortalised the heart in the form of a symbol of it’s own. Representations of the heart come in countless different forms and have different significance to each and every one of us.
  • The Heart Index is a not-for-profit design compendium, raising money and awareness for Heart Research UK. It's pages showcase a collection of hearts, designed and interpreted by a host of contemporary practitioners, including Adrian Shaughnessy, Spin, Studio Makgill and Wim Crouwel.

    All proceeds are donated to Heart Research UK.
  • Artworklove
  • BVD
  • EverythingInBetween
  • Mark Boyce
  • Spin
  • Studio Jubilee
  • Wim Crouwel
  • The Cause

    Heart Research UK has been Helping Hearts for 47 years by funding pioneering research and community projects that help people to live healthier, happier and longer lives.

    Heart disease remains the UK’s biggest killer with nearly 80,000 people a year dying from the illness and 2.3m people living with a condition which blights their lives and those who love and care for them.

    You can find out more about Heart Research UK's work here
  • Thank you

    We would like to thank all the contributors for their time, GF Smith for supplying the paper and Team Impression for printing the book. So far we've sold over 200 copies and raised £2500 for Heart Research UK.
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